The collision of all things web 2.0

The universe is spinning out of control.

As I write this, there are two guys in a basement in Atlanta playing ping pong. And I’m watching them live.

Why? I’m honestly not sure, but it’s compelling.

Using the technology from, Los is transmitting live from the basement. And it is an intersection of all things web 2.0. People are chatting in the accompanying screen. People are using Twitter to talk about it. I’m writing about it. Someone asked for my blog address.

And that’s how community spreads. It’s using all these little technologies to connect people that may never actually meet. Are these relationships still meaningful? Heck, yeah.

But I have to stop writing now. The loser of this game has to run on the treadmill cranked all the way up until they fall off or puke. I don’t want to miss that meaningful bit of community building.

This post pairs well with “Twitter” and a bag of Cheetos.




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