What about your desk?

Just curious as to whether everyone else’s environment is as crazy as mine this Friday afternoon. My desk needs some help. It’s current residents include:

  • Many gigabytes worth of compact flash cards that need cleaning off.
  • A lightsaber.
  • A stack of mail as big as my head.
  • Various pieces of camera equipment.
  • A baseball trophy I got when I was nine (don’t ask why it’s there).
  • A small stack of $20s (yeah!).
  • My watch that needs a new battery.
  • The How design annual.
  • Enough empty Dr. Pepper cans to crush me were they all to fall on me at once.

So what’s on your desk right now?



  1. says

    Wacom Stylus
    2 rubber jacks (no clue)
    Eric Clapton CD
    Proof Copies for a new project
    More pens than I care to admit
    Several Moleskine books
    Helvetica DVD (thank you netflix)

  2. says

    – my macbook pro
    – starbucks cup
    – canon xl2 dv cam
    – office phone
    – stack of old dv taps
    – stack of blank DVDs
    – lots of pens
    – legal pad with lots of notes
    – stack of unread/useless mail

  3. bekah1976 says

    1) A half eaten spicy chicken soft taco.
    2) A dozen stuffed or toy cows.
    3) About 20 pictures of my son (on the wall).
    4) Several binders of manuals.
    5) Two dozen writing utensils.. pens, pencils, markers, highlighters… you get the idea.
    6) One mug with about 1/4 inch of week old hot tea, one mug with cough drops in it, one almost empty coke cup from earlier today, one empty (but dirty) travel mug from home, and an empty Arizona Ice tea can.
    7) Envelopes.
    8) Piles upon piles of paper (work) that needs to be processed.
    9) Printer/scanner/copier.
    10) Two monitors.. cuz one just ain’t enuff!
    11) Speakers, phone, mouse.
    12) Ink stamps (for work)
    13) Medicine.
    14) Scratch #1, I’ve finished the taco.
    15) Four bookends that have been sitting there forever waiting to go home with me.
    16) Hand cream
    17) Two inboxes, one outbox, one basket of “need to do” that wasn’t included in the piles mentioned in #8.

    What a busy Friday! Oh, and after I leave here at 4:30pm I have to be at my restaurant job that starts at 4:30!

    Hope your day goes well!


  4. says

    * An unopened Nintendo DS that I bought on 02/10/08
    * My MacBook Pro and Black MacBook (importing video)
    * My Panasonic DVCPro HD camera (playing the tape that’s importing)
    *42″ Philips flatscreen remote
    *Bose sound system remote
    *Apple remote
    *iPod sync cable
    *Huge jug of almonds from Sam’s
    *External DVD burner
    *Paper sample books from French Paper
    *12 4GB SD-HC cards that need to be dumped somewhere
    *Lacie 1TB external HDD
    *Maxtor 1TB external HDD
    *4 stackable “in-box” organizers brimming at the gills
    *Nike+ Amp wrist band
    *iPod nano
    *Wedding ring
    *Sermon Series multi-pak DVD insert samples
    *Big bowl of vanilla salt water taffy
    *Large can full of pens, pencils, scissors and highlighters
    *Half a bag of peppered beef jerky
    *Oakley sunglasses case
    *Elephant in the boardroom book
    *Post it dispenser
    *2 firewire cables
    *Empty cup
    *3 coasters
    *Car keys
    *Dentist appointment card

    Somehow, my desk actually looks “clean” compared to the typical day.

  5. says

    going left to right… with small piles of paper in-between…

    Canon battery charger in ziploc bag
    unopened Schweppes ginger ale can
    green whiteboard marker (thin)
    my 15″ MacBook Pro
    2 USB flash drives
    unopened block of corporately branded post-its
    2 19″ LCDs
    blue ball point pen
    tin of cinnamon mints
    iPod holder
    4-port USB hub
    remote for my desktop video conferencing system
    display extender for work laptop (Matrox DualHead2Go)
    desktop video conferencing system
    work laptop pc in dock
    my cell phone
    2 vitamin C “candies”
    paper cup o’ joe
    mechanical pencil
    desk phone
    another set of headphones
    small notebook
    more pens and highlighters (8)
    plastic knife
    company koozie
    cork coaster
    plastic spoon
    SD card reader
    Canon camera case
    plastic yellow ruler
    paper heart craft from my kid daughter
    more napkins
    more whiteboard markers
    2 data CDs
    packet of salt
    3 mini stressball footballs
    tape dispenser
    bottle of water
    dirty mug
    2 mugs i use as pen/pencil/scissor/ruler holders
    stack of 6 data CDs

    it’s time to clean… long overdue!

  6. says

    @chadmaag Enjoy Helvetica. Amazing film.

    @brian My unread/useless mail is mostly bills. I think I’ll ignore it a while longer.

    @bekah I couldn’t sit amongst that many cows all day without getting very, very hungry.

    @David So is the TV 42″ or is the remote 42″? Cause that’s one giant remote, man.

    @Pete And how big is our desk?

    And I’m the only one with a lightsaber on my desk so clearly I could take you all if the need arose.

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