Music Monday: The soundtrack edition

The Secret Life of Kat does a nice little feature every Monday asking bloggers to talk about their favorite music in various categories. Today’s? Movie soundtracks. I think I own as many movie soundtracks as I do regular music.

As far as soundtracks go, you cannot go wrong with The Last Kiss. I bought it last year and it has played in very heavy rotation ever since. Some of the most beautiful songs you’ll ever hear brought together in one convenient package.

And if you’re into quirky, go with The Royal Tenenbaums. It may be that I have seen the movie a lot, but listening to the soundtrack you can just picture what is happening.

The Last Samurai. Yeah, I know it’s a Tom Cruise movie, but it has an amazing soundtrack by Hans Zimmer. It has some really rousing moments followed by soft, introspective tracks. It’s like an Eastern version of the Gladiator soundtrack.

And speaking of Gladiator…also by Hans Zimmer and also filled with boisterous battle pieces and quite, yet still dramatic tracks.

Some other favorites, any Star Wars soundtrack by John Williams, Batman by Danny Elfman, Troy by James Horner, First Contact by Jerry Goldsmith, Band of Brothers by Michael Kamen and Once by Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova.



  1. says

    I hold a different opinion as it concerns soundtracks. Unless an artist has done the entire soundtrack (or at least most of it) I would rather buy the album from which the songs come as opposed to the soundtracks. However, there are a few that I really like and they are as follows:

    Almost Famous (score by: Nancy Wilson, music by: Stillwater and various artists)

    Elizabethtown (score by: Nancy Wilson, music by: various artists)

    About a Boy (by: Badly Drawn Boy)

    Requiem for a Dream (by: Clint Mansell and the Kronos Quartet)

    Out of Sight (by: David Holmes and various artists)

    Once (you are welcome)

    Grosse Pointe Blank (various artists)

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