From the top down

Today I had a great lunch with Tony.

He got me really pumped up for the next three weeks at Legacy. I think this will be one of those game changing series at Legacy. This series is designed to very clearly lay out the future of Legacy and push you to make a choice about your role in it.

Churches should provide a place for people to serve others. The problem is most churches forget to actually call people to serve others. This series will do exactly that.

I was also reminded about how we all need regular doses of vision and how those doses come from the top. I value what little time Tony and I get to spend together. It feeds and fuels me until our next opportunity to dream about what Legacy can be. We don’t get to do it too often since none of us work on staff full time, but it has so much value. It’s very easy to focus on our individual areas and ignore everything else going on.

This post pairs well with “The joys of bi-vocational ministry” and an order of chips and queso from Chili’s. 


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