Magenta Squirrel is a go

I’ve been praying about an idea for a new site for a couple of weeks. As with most things the initial idea gets me excited, then it kicks around in my head for a while as I mull through all the options and possibilities.

With the help of Scott, I think one of those ideas is about to come to life. It’s code name is Magenta Squirrel (thanks to Clayton Bell for that one). The reality of it is the site will contain neither magenta, nor squirrels, but I still think it has the potential to impact the online ministry community.

It should be up relatively soon (as in a few weeks, not months). I’ll start promoting here on the blog very quickly to get the word out. Like all things I do, it’ll either be very cool or do the online version of a face plant.

Please pray for it’s potential impact, though. I really feel like God could use it.



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