Creative Chaos: The creative location edition

Today’s Creative Chaos topic: Outside the office, where do we find our personal creativity?

Me? I’ve found the location doesn’t matter so much as who’s there. There is nothing that gets me in the creative mood better than sitting around a table with other creative people talking ideas.

So I guess my place is around a table with other creative people. It helps me with the projects we’re discussing at the time, but it also inspires me personally in all my creative endeavors. The feeling of a group of people being creative is electric.

Short of having people to meet with, I like to hang out at It’s a Grind at 1431 in Cedar Park. It’s usually filled with people meeting. Even though you aren’t privy to their conversations, you can almost feel that same electricity.

So where do you go to get creative?



  1. Gaby says

    Trains. Trams. Busses. Great places to get inspiration. I love looking at other people and wondering what their lives are like. No talking, no brainstorming, no googling – it’s the only place I can go where I can be sure my ideas haven’t already been created by other people.

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