Always have a back-up (throw up) plan

The Great Sushi Experiment

So seems to be taking a long weekend and not working. With it being down, The Great Sushi Experiment will no longer be live. Sort of.

Here’s what we’re going to do. I’ve got Dave coming to the house at noon. We’ll record the show, eat some sushi, throw up in a bucket (maybe) and I’ll have it all on the blog by 2PM CST.

So at the same time you would be watching it live, you can watch it on the blog and Twitter the whole thing. Sort of live, but not really. It’s the best we can do. I dare not put off the sushi thing or I’ll lose my nerve.

And quick question: Should I eat something before the sushi to settle my stomach or just go empty?



  1. says


    Miso = floating tofu-turd balls = nasty = vomitus eruptus = Dave running like a little girl, screaming, arms flailing.

    Don’t eat anything. You’ll be alright.

  2. sg95m476 says

    Hi Chad,

    I’m puzzled when you say “ seems to be taking a long weekend and not working”?

    I am watching mogulus right now and there are 33 Live channels as I type this?

    Maybe you were adversely affected by a maintenance window (just a guess as someone’s who’s spent ten years in IT).

    You should try it again.

    Chuck Boyce

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