Jail daddy

Today Conner and I were driving to eat. He looked at me from the back seat.

“Dad, what happens to a car when someone is driving and gets arrested?”

“They call a tow truck to and the person who was arrested can pick it up later,” I answered.

We drove farther down the road, passing by lines of traffic.

“Dad, what happens if there is a little boy with the man who’s arrested?”

“What?! Conner are you afraid I’m going to get arrested or something?”

“No, just checking.”

“Make you a deal, I’ll never get arrested so you never have to worry about it.”


So seriously do I just seem like the type to get arrested or what?



  1. says

    Your question was do you seem like the type to get arrested. And I just needed clarification. Cuz if you are playing GTA4, I’m pretty sure you are the type… 🙂

  2. says

    A real gangsta don’t get caught, yo!

    I guess the mean you look like a dude that could maybe, possibly…no… you just aren’t hard core enough.

    Peace out, brah! Yeaaaahhh, boyieeee!

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