Teaching love, not money

In my years at church I’ve heard money taught on mostly as a mathematical formula.

God gives you X. Multiply X times .1 and that’s how much you give to the church.

Does that seem cold to anyone else?

I’ve been going through a series on money for the Legacy Kids. Instead of starting with formulas or even verses on finances, I started with John 3:16. We spent an entire class dissecting every aspect of that verse.


Because love is the key to being successful in God’s eyes when it comes to money. Our giving of money to the church and to others should start and end with our love of God.

I emphasized to the kids that God wants our heart. He doesn’t need our money but he also knows it’s a sign of what’s important to us.

It shows our love. Love is the only thing I’ve found that will overpower greed. I want a new car right now. But I love not having a car payment. I also love being far enough out of debt that I can help others. That love overcomes my greedy nature that would rather spend $500 on a new car.

I think the church as a whole doesn’t talk enough about money because they are scared to come across wrong. This time I really felt like God was showing me a way to approach money that had very little to do with money.

Money is a touchy thing to teach in church. How do you approach it?



  1. says

    I am taught that if God is really important in my life, I will give to His church 0.1x, below which I am considered to have such a lack of respect for God that I will rob what is rightfully His alone. 0.1x is clearly the legalist’s way out. If so, how do I express to God a more intense love for Him? If I give only 10%, then it’s too easy for my Inner Critic to jump right in and accuse me of legalism and having no real love for God, love that would prompt me to give more, and to different outreaches.
    You’re right. It is a thorny issue.

  2. says

    i haven’t taught this to my kids yet…I’m still learning myself. I grew up with a church and parents who said 10%!
    I now attend a church that says 10% is a good starting point. You may need to give less, you may need to give more. It’s about sacrifice. If it’s not really a sacrifice, it’s not bringing God glory because we’re keeping so much and relying on what we keep instead of relying on God.

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