Help promote had a great first day. We had a lot more people than I expected show up and had some serious prayer requests come in.

But now the hard part…

We need all the help we can get from the blogosphere to help create a community around We need you to blog it, podcast it, Twitter it and generally talk about it any way you can. When you do, please let me know or link back to this post so I can keep track of everything happening.

If you have any questions or need any information, please let me know by commenting or e-mailing me at chad[at]

If you’d like to put a link with an image in the sidebar of your site or a post, you can grab the code below. It’ll generate a nice little widget like you see directly to the right of this post.

200×200 size

170×200 size



  1. says

    I’ve already blogged about this awesome site – I’d like to put a link/widget in my sidebar, but the current one is too large – I’m not a computer/code whiz, so I was wondering if it would be possible to get a smaller one available. To be specific – the width is too large! Thanks for the consideration – I’ll be praying!

  2. says

    I resized my image and modified your code slightly, I could not get anything to display in WP 2.5 in the Widgit area otherwise. You need to move the image to your wp-photos directory on your own site for this code to work. And remove the quotes ”

    I love the idea and thought behind the site and definitely will support it. . .

  3. says

    I’ve added a smaller 170×200 version for anyone that needs a smaller one. You can grab the code above. Let me know if there are any other sizes needed.

  4. says

    Chad, Great Idea! Its a simple way for us to stay connected and pray for each others and share our praises. I just added the WTC widget to my blog @

    My blog is set up to encourage Christians along their journey with Christ. I want to invite all to come and Share your struggles & success stories with us. And I believe “We The Church” will be a part of that encouragement.

    — Joey Basta / Building Others Up Network


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