Are you friggin’ kidding me?

Let me set the stage for you. Theater of the mind if you will.

We’re driving home from a staff meeting Wednesday night. While at the staff meeting we checked the radar and noticed the mother of all storms heading right towards us. So naturally we were watching the skies as lightning danced threateningly all around us.

Then the clouds opened up and hail began to pummel the Tahoe. I quickly sought the protective cover of a gas station. When the hail died down we made a bee line for the house.

We ran inside and began checking the radar online. Fearing the wrath of God in the form of a tornado was about to drop on my house I pulled up the website for a local news station. A bright red button blinked at me. “Emergency Weather Information.” I clicked, just knowing I was about to have to fit my entire family and all our pets into a small bathroom.


Hurry up weather report, load.

Here it is. Almost done loading.


“Have a bunion problem?”

No, I have a tornado problem!

“Now we can help.”

Are you friggin’ kidding me. I click “Emergency Weather Information” and have to watch a 60 second commercial first?

Commerce at it’s finest.



  1. says

    We’re safe so far. Storms still rolling through until early in the morning.

    And yes, it would have been funnier if it was viagra. Especially since Becca was standing beside me.

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