My life versus her’s

Meet Annette. I discovered her through Anne’s blog when she went to Uganda. According to Anne, Annette only makes a profit of $1 a day from her business as a cook.

I’m currently teaching the Legacy Kids about money. The biggest part of the lessons is looking beyond themselves and helping those in need. As an exercise to illustrate it for them I decided to compare my life to Annette’s. I took my hourly rate and compared it with her daily wages to show how long it would take her to pay for things I have versus how long it takes me.

It really is eye opening.

A cup of Starbucks coffee
Me: About 3 minutes
Her: 4 days

Becca’s monthly Tahoe payment
Me: About 6 hours
Her: 14 months

My office TV
Me: 6 and a 1/2 hours
Her: 16 months

The computer I’m writing this on
Me: 3 and a 1/2 days
Her: 6 years

My camera and one lens
Me: 6 days
Her: 10 years

The cost of sponsoring one child each month
Me: 26 minutes
Her: 32 days

This was incredibly odd for me to look at. It also shocked my class as I showed them the difference in how we live versus how others around the world live. So this Sunday our class is picking a child to sponsor through Compassion International. The cost is $32 per month and I’m putting it on the kids to cover as much of that as they can. I want to keep them focused on helping someone else for once.

You can read about Anne’s trip to Uganda here. There is story after story about how that money really does change someone’s life for the better. Or we can go to Chili’s and have lunch. Whatever works.

You can learn more about sponsoring a child here.



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