is down for now is live again. New security in place. Enjoy. is temporarily down while we figure out how to improve the security of the site.

I personally apologize if anyone was offended by the defacement of the site over night.

Pray for whoever did it. Pray that Jesus would change lives.



  1. says

    It’s ok. It is an ideal that i liked, and it has been faced with the reality. Grow it stronger. Ultimatly you can’t prevent entirely, maybe a delay in the posting is the only real way to avoid it (like they do for live TV and Radio feeds).

    Even Brick and Morter churches have their nice ornate copper stolen by theft. Locks on the door, etc.

    I support your ideal.

  2. says

    Oh, Chad. So sorry to hear about this. Definitely praying! Just think of all the good that has already come from it in the short time it’s been up… Totally outweighs the bad.

  3. says

    Thanks for your support. I really appreciate it.

    We’re working on another layer of security. The downside is it will make it where every comment has to be moderated and it costs a lot more.

    Hopefully be back up in the next day or two.

  4. says

    There may be a need for moderators. I can’t babysit it 24/7.

    I’ll post some details here on the blog. We should know more and hopefully have the site back up by Monday.

  5. Ginger says

    It’s OK. It is the nature of some people on the net to mock, deface, and attack things and ideas with which they do not agree. Not your fault. It’s a good idea and I was blessed by it. Just do some rethinking.

  6. says

    That is really just incredible, but nothing that is close to the Truth is going to be attacked if at all possible.

    The site was GREAT! I hope you guys can get it back up and running soon, it was one of the most unique sites I had come across in a while.

    I would be more than happy to help “moderate” or be a “moderator” if you need one. You can check out my info from my website and contact me privately if you have any questions. I am usually online at the pc most days.

  7. says

    I loved your idea for the site. Keep up the hard work. You should take it as a complement that individuals would choose to get involved in your site like this. That means you were making waves on the internet and spreading truth and love!

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