A world without e-mail

There’s a lot of talk on Anne’s blog about always being connected and canceling her e-mail on her cell phone (which I’m not doing, by the way). That got me thinking, what would your world look like right now if there was no e-mail?

It’s one tool we’ve come to rely on so completely. I know I probably couldn’t do what I do without it. My business would require a lot more in the way of employees without the ease of communication e-mail provides. On the other hand, the world turned just fine 20 years ago when there was no e-mail.

So how would your life look without e-mail?



  1. says

    I’d probably have a lot LESS to do, which may be a good thing. right now, I’m tackling bigger monkeys, though, like “what the my world be if I didn’t have this business, or that business, or this website, or that website”.

    For the Kingdom,

  2. says

    I’m dealing with those same monkeys right now. I’m looking at every aspect of my life and wondering if it would be better or worse without them. I feel some surprising decisions coming out of it.

  3. says

    Email is one of the ways that I communicate the most with individuals from all over the world.. not just Granbury. While I can imagine life without twitter.. (which is easy since i do not use it).. email is a different bird for me. It might be like clipping a wing. I have very set times in which I will or will not check it however. So, in a sense – I’m a free bird..

    Still praying!

  4. Kandy says

    I think i would spend more time on the phone talking to real people. I kind of miss that. I know it takes more time, but I think we have lost a lot in interpersonal relationships because of email. On the other hand, I also realize I get a lot of things done faster because of email. Except of course, when I am trying to contact some people who DON’t check their email!

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