Knowing why you’re there

Through our marriage we’ve had a few hospital visits between having kids and surgeries. Never have we had a completely great set of nurses to take care of us until this weekend. I wrote about them here.

I’ve been thinking of why this experience was so great and I think it boils down to the fact that our nurses this weekend knew why we where there and what that was like. They knew we were scared. They knew we didn’t want to be there. They knew one of us would be in pain.

They knew all that and reacted accordingly. They were always there to comfort us. They never let there personal lives intrude. You wouldn’t have known if they were having a bad day because they always had a smile and a comforting word for us.

Have you ever had that waitress that clearly hated her job. It never leads to good service. We’ve had nurses that were the same way and it showed. This was entirely different.

I think we need to remember that as people who work in a church. We need to acknowledge the circumstances people are in when they walk through the doors. We need to understand that they are nervous and if they’re new may not know exactly “how things are done.” We need to acknowledge that they are all looking for something and do our absolute best to help meet those needs.



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