Ecto Cooler

Notice the disclaimer in the top right that says this blog is about what interests me. Well this is one of those times, so you’ll just has to stick with me while I remember one of the joys of my childhood…Ecto Cooler.

Today I was walking through the kitchen and a memory of Ecto Cooler popped into my head. I’m not sure why exactly, but there it was. Memories of my youth came rushing back and I considered the wonderfully tangy concoction that was surprisingly green for an orange-flavored drink. And of course, having Slimer on the box, I had to drink it like it was water. I’m pretty sure my parents had to buy it by the case.

I first searched, hoping to find some decade-old Ecto Cooler still for sale on eBay. None was to be found. A little more research lead me to everything you could possibly need to know about Ecto Cooler, a petition to bring it back and the commercial below.

According to Wikipedia, Ecto Cooler was discontinued in 2001 but is now available as “Crazy Citrus Cooler.” I guess the marketing power of Slimer and Ghostbusters just isn’t what it was back in the 90s. Maybe with a new Ghostbusters game coming out we’ll see the resurrection of Ecto Cooler.

Now I’ve got to go to the store to get some Crazy Citrus Cooler and see how it tastes.

Do you remember Ecto Cooler?



  1. me says

    sorry but they stopped making this in 2007, really sad, i didn’t realize it was the same stuff as ecto cooler with a different name…


  1. […] All weapons of any form should be outlawed and replaced with Nerf weaponry. Think about it. You could talk about how neighborhoods are unsafe due to their many drive-by “Nerfings”. Or you could talk to your grand children about the good old days and when the US dropped the “Nerf” bomb on England because we don’t give a crap about Prince William and Kate Middleton. Or even when a robber breaks into your house you could “Nerf” him in the head then have a jolly laugh about it over an Ecto Cooler. […]

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