“The eagle has left the nest.”

Yesterday we had a security system installed.

So my question is, how do you feel safer without scaring the crap out of your kids? Of course with kids, they ask a million questions during the install. What we settled on was “if you ever hear the alarm go off, immediately get under your beds and don’t make any noise.”


“Because someone might be trying to break in and steal our stuff.”

“So bad guys are going to come here?”

“No, it’s just in case.”

“So what if the bad guy comes in my window?”

“Lay very still and don’t make any noise, the alarm will scare them off. But there aren’t any bad guys coming.”

“Well I hope when they show up, they don’t come in my window.

This went on all night. The kids would get out of bed every few minutes to come ask another question.

So my advice is don’t get a security system. Your kids will feel safer without it.

And by the way, having to pick out passwords in case there is ever a hostage situation is a little disconcerting. I wanted “the eagle has left the nest,” but was summarily overruled.


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