DRM and you

This is a quick post for iTunes users. Have the DRM (digital rights management) restrictions on the song ever created any problem for you? I’m in a hurry this morning so I don’t have time to look it up but I think Apple’s DRM allows you to play a song you purchase on up to 5 computers and an unlimited amount of iPods or iPhones.

While I think the world would be a better place if it were DRM-free, I’ve also never had any problems with the restrictions or hit any of the limits.

So other than the fundamental gripes people have with DRM (like, we buy the songs, we should be allowed to do what we want with them), has it ever created issues with your daily use?



  1. says

    For me, no, not really. The only problem I’ve had is that maybe when trying to import into garageband to make a ringtone or something.

    I think an easy work around for that would be importing it into itunes. But no, I haven’t really had any major problems.

    I believe you’re right with you post above. Five computers and unlimited ipods.

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    I have never had any problems. I only have one computer that i keep my itunes on, and i think my wife’s account and my mom’s account are authorized to play my drm protected music. in one way i think it’s silly to complain about it. if you really need to have it more than 5 locations, suck it up and buy either drm free or another copy of the song.
    but in another way, i think it’s silly for artists and labels to do protect it. the music industry has changed so much, that anyone who operates it the same way just comes out a big stingy-looking loser. especially for indie music where you need to get your music around, it would be foolish to put that obstacle in it’s way.
    and then people will find ways to get around it. i know if you burn a copy of the itunes songs onto a cd, then copy it back to your computer, the protection is gone. waste of a cd, but still, there are ways. but you didn’t hear it from me.

    oh, and since i didn’t know where else to post this, i wanted to tell you about a guy at wegmans last night. since i know how much you’re looking forward to the dark knight. it was midnight when we got they got a phone call from a disgruntled customer saying he had been locked out of the store…not true–he was just trying to get in a door that specifically says it is locked at 9. anyway, they let him in, and then joked about how he probably wanted to purchase alcohol (which you can’t do after 11:59 in virginia). so this manager who is a serious movie buff said, “when you come in tomorrow you’ll probably hear that two employees were killed, and one mortally wounded. a short black man managed to escape. he couldn’t die yet. he had to see the dark knight.” maybe it was a lot funnier if you were there.
    hope it is that good though!

  3. says

    not really, except when I buy a song on iTunes, but want to use it in mp3 format for certain other uses, I have to burn it to CD, then rip it again. (no more DRM either, doing that!)

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