I’ll write a full review tomorrow, but for now, just know I’m amazed at The Dark Knight. In the history of movies, none has been more appropriately named than this one.

This is not a summer popcorn movie. This is not a movie about watching Batman beat up the bad guys. This is an exploration of good versus evil. A look at terror and what it does to us as a society. It’s a deep look at purpose and that thin line between what’s right and what’s decidedly not.

I was shocked at how far this movie goes. This is not a happy-go-lucky summer film where everything wraps up at the end. This is a film that will kick you in the teeth for two-and-a-half hours then spit on you as it walks away.

This is the only movie I’ve been to in recent years that not only met my expectations, it blew them away. And my expectations where sky-high for this one.

The Dark Knight goes beyond being the greatest Batman movie ever and becomes one of the classics we’ll still be in awe of 20 years from now.

Go see it. Just not with kids.



  1. says


    Thanks for the review! Seeing Dark Knight with that hubby of mine on our next date. It’s the least I can do… I get to pick where we will eat. 😉

    You were just prayed for!

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