The hidden gem of accountability

As the staff of Legacy, we’re required to fill our weekly accountability reports. They are a mix of questions about our week, our relationships and things along that line. I’m not going to lie, sometimes it gets tedious.

But, even in the tedium I still love them. They provide an opportunity to look back on my week and see all the great things right beside all the mistakes.

And often times, God is able to show me things I didn’t notice at the time because I was still in the middle of it all.

UPDATE: See the comments below for the list of questions I answer every week.
If you don’t already, find someone to be accountable to. There’s a lot of value in it.



  1. says

    Ok, here’s the questions we fill out each week:

    Did you read your Bible and pray regularly last week?

    What are areas God is speaking to you that you are wrestling with?

    In what way did you move your ministry are forward?

    Have you been with a man or a woman in the last week that could be viewed as compromising or in a way that would cause concern for your spouse?

    Did you properly manage your finances last week and are you faithful in your tithing?

    Have you viewed any sexually explicit material?

    How have you nurtured your spouse prayed for your spouse honored your spouse?

    What can I pray for you about?

  2. says

    Thanks for sharing this! I too can attest to the value of accountability partnering; its helped me work through some struggles/temptations and pushed me to grow. There is such value in this.

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