Two minor notes

1. I’m quickly approaching the 1,000th post on this blog. It should probably something more special than, say, this post. Ideas anyone?

2. We have a completely dead iPhone. Short of Jesus helping, it’s not coming back to life. So, help me dream up a particularly creative fate for it and I’ll video it and post it here for everyone.

Just leave your thoughts in the comment section.



  1. MxBx says

    send it back to Apple for repair? they sent me a new one when mine died. See, no cursing the darkness- just lighting candles.

  2. says

    I’m almost always excited to destroy electronics, but in this case there might be some savings to be had. In my case, even after dropping my iPhone in a porcelain water containing apperatus, I was able to trade it in for a refurb (for a fee) at the Apple store. They are super kind and will exchange the unit no matter what you did to it. If you didnt do anyhting, then they will probably exchange it for free.

  3. says

    My trip to the Apple Store revealed that they would replace it but it would be $250 which I decided not to do.

    The count right now is: 2 iphones, one with a cracked screen but still fully functional and one with a shattered screen and has been dropped in a coke (don’t ask).

    So I’m just replacing them both with iPhone 3Gs. I’ll sell the functional one but the other one will meet some kind of gruesome fate. Assuming someone comes up with something good.

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