Quick Notes 7-30-08

  • I woke up this morning to zero e-mails. Usually I have at least 15 from overnight. I just assumed the world ended and I missed the whole party.
  • The next three days will be consumed with a magazine deadline (in which I will hate everyone involved only to remember how much I love them when the final pages ship out) and finishing a big branding pitch for Friday.
  • The branding pitch involves lots of research into 50s and 60s era advertising. I love it. I’ll probably post some examples later. Ahh the days of long copy. I think I would have been creatively happier in the 60s.
  • Three weddings in August. All three are out-of-town. I like traveling but this may be too much.
  • So many marketing ideas for both sides of the studio, I’m just too busy doing client work to worry about my own stuff.
  • We’re already starting prep for the bridal show in September. Praying it will be huge.
  • I’m behind, as usual, for this time of month.
  • I seem to be spending more time than usual thinking about the future of the business.
  • Things seem to be coming together at church. We are still having the usual small church struggles, but things are moving.
  • Attendance is down slightly this summer, but we seem to be getting a lot of visitors really interested in staying and serving.

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