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“If a client says, ‘I want people to think our company is cool,” the answer isn’t an ad saying ‘We’re cool.’ The answer is to be cool.” – Luke Sullivan from his book Hey Whipple, Squeeze This.

I can’t tell you how many ads I’ve had to create for clients that say “We’re great,” when in fact the client is not great. You can say whatever you want about yourself in your ads. If it’s not true, people will know it and automatically not believe your future advertising.



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    I take it you have probably read Church Marketing 101. Richard Reising calls marketing “the management of perception”. No amount of advertising will make a quarter pounder look healthy. McDonalds had to start serving salads and wraps to get that healthy image.

    My church has always tried to advertise our presence in a “cool” way. We might advertise once or twice a year – mostly to notify people of changes like added services or big events. We showed our environments and maybe threw in our tagline/mission. I’m glad to say our church has succeeded in marketing without much advertising. We somehow “got it right” and have grown 30% so far this year based off of word of mouth.

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    i’ve noticed this recently with the two companies I work for.
    my day job, i wouldn’t classify the company as “cool.” but all the advertisement is done to say “HEY! we’re cool” but if you ever came to our facility, you’d be asking, is this the same place?
    in that case i think the advertisement needs a little scaling back and a little more honesty, but also we have room and capability to step up the actual coolness.
    and the second company wegmans, they are good–they are “cool”. just say their name, and ppl ooh and ahh. but then they try to be hip in their advertisement and come across cheesy. they should definitely just be themselves. hip is not where they’re at.

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    I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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