Reply, reply, reply, reply

This post by Seth Godin puts into words a constant struggle I deal with, the never-ending inbox.

Most of my mornings start with organizing my to-do list for the day and answering e-mail that came in over night (usually 10-20). By the time I’m done answering all of those I’ve received a few responses plus my normal dose of just-in-the-office-time-to-email-Chad emails. So I answer those and more comes in and before long the vicious cycle begins. I’ll look up at the clock, realize it’s lunch time and I’ve been answering e-mail all morning.

Some people just check e-mail once or twice a day and respond accordingly. I can’t do that because about 60 percent of what I do is deadline driven which means I need my e-mail immediately. Plus if it stacks up in the inbox, I tend to have a bigger desire to ignore it.

What do your daily e-mail habits look like?



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    My situation is a lil different than yours. However, my emails have a tag most of the time. The tag goes immediently back to most senders that I will respond within 48 hours. If its an emergency I ask them to note the subject line. Its changing though because of mobility. A lot of times ill take small bites of emails on the go. I do pastor a smaller church and do some P R work so mine is prob not as busy as most. Have a great week!

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    i don’t get to many email to reply. Just some mails from mailing list, but i just read it. But checking my inbox is the first activity i do when connecting to the internet.

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