Money issues

Yesterday I talked with two different churches, both having money issues. Summer tends to bring the lean times as people are gone or spending on other things. The economy hasn’t helped anything.

And here’s where the church is no different than your average marriage. Take mine for example. When money becomes scarce, my marriage suffers. The stress a lack of money brings puts the focus squarely on the financial situation. It makes that the center around which everything else revolves.

And let me tell you, it’s a crappy thing to base your life on. Suddenly you can’t see the amazing things happening around you. It’s all about the lack of money.

Same thing with churches. Struggling with money tends to slow things down. It distracts the focus of everyone involved. It can dull the dreams of what God can do.

So what do we do about it? I’d like God to just miraculously solve my money problems when I have them. However, he usually has us work our way out. Same thing with churches. He’s called us as members in the body of Christ to take care of this. Through good times and bad. Great economies and bad. The call of Christ to reach people does not change based on how well the stock market is doing. It’s either important to us at all times or it’s not.

If you’re church is struggling financially, step up. If you don’t give, really pray about it and give as you feel God calling you. If you’re skeptical, talk to someone who gives faithfully. I don’t know anyone who does so faithfully that will tell you they hate doing it. It’s an amazing feeling.

If you are one who already gives and goes over and above, go overer and abover (yeah I know, not real words, but it flowed).

This is ultimately not really about the church and money, it’s about our relationship with Christ and his call on our lives. Money is just one more way we sacrifice for God’s call to reach others.



  1. says

    Well said Chad! I couldnt agree more, giving (especially with some consitency) has been the saving grace to my finances and repeatedly brings a smile to my face. I also realyl dig the feeling of obedience, knowing that I am doing what God is asking of me… that really makes it easy to look myself in the eye everyday.

    Of course it takes so much more than just giving to find that complete peace, but it is such a strong step towards it. Anyway, I am rambling, I just agree and wish more people “got it.” Thanks for the word!

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