Obama = Anti-Christ?

If you’re a Christian you might have received the e-mail about Obama possibly being the Anti-Christ. And the main message of the e-mail? Don’t vote for him or we might be putting the Anti-Christ into office.

First off, I’m not an Obama supporter, but only because I disagree with his politics.

As Christians we need to stop doing things like that e-mail. Why? Let’s look at this logically.

If he really is the Anti-Christ, according to the Bible, he has to come into power. And that’s not a bad thing because it would mean Jesus would be back to fix this world soon.

The problem is you’re using things like that to motivate people to not vote for someone. If the Anti-Christ really was just months from taking power to do his thing, that would mean our time to spread the word of God to people was very limited. Wouldn’t that motivate us to work harder to win people for Jesus, and not worry about a stupid election?

I’m just saying we have way more important things to focus on. If you don’t want Obama in office because you don’t like his politics, fine. But stop sending e-mails about him being the Anti-Christ. I’m not saying you have to vote for him, let’s just keep the guy-who’s-going-to-end-the-world chatter to a minimum. Those e-mails just make us look goofy and show once again, as Christians, we tend to miss the point.



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    I totally agree. Have you read the book UNchristian? Your spammer is contributing to the statistics of Christians showing the world what/who we’re against, rather than the love of Christ.

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    Preach it! Like not voting for someone is going to thwart God’s plan. I can just see God now trying to figure out what to do with His creation now that we Americans voted differently. As if God is ruled by our election process.


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    certainly agree we need to stop with those silly emails and other antics, and good point about “the anti-christ”-whoever he is, he has to come in to power, so let’s get busy sharing the Gospel

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    I can not believe anyone in this country would be naive enough to vote for Obama. Politics and religion are NOT the same. Yes it would be nice if it was, but it is not. So I guess to those of you voting for a terrorist, all of us and our children get to pay. We will slowly lose our rights as american citizens, democrats are for making the rich richer, the poor poorer, taking much needed money away from schools, (our children are the future of our country).
    Now, Please do not get me wrong, the republicans have done a great job in destroying our country the past 8 years with Bush in office… he’s dumber then a box of rocks, but I will be damned if I vote in a terrorist.

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    Well said. As a Christian, I’m tired of playing “who is the Antichrist” game. LOL. We gotta focus on saving more people from damnation than guessing the identity of the Antichrist.

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