“Let’s Rock” Apple event wrap up

Apple held it’s “Let’s Rock” event today. Here’s a quick recap.

New iPods: Meh. The new iPod Nano has some neat features (shaking the device to shuffle the songs, pure genius) and design but the others are just updates. Nothing earth-shattering either way.

Update: New iPods are, iPod Nano ($149 8GB, $199 16GB), iPod Classic ($249, 120GB), iPod Touch ($229 8GB, $299 16GB, $399 32GB)

New iTunes: Steve couldn’t go more than three minutes without hyping the new “Genius” feature. We’ll see if it’s really worth anything.

The biggest news for us though was NBC being back on iTunes and the introduction of HD TV shows. We get all of our TV content from iTunes so both these were very welcome announcements.

So does your wallet suddenly feel the urge to head to he Apple store?



  1. says

    The touch updates were nice for current non touchers.

    The new nano is nice, but I’m not interested in it. I’d rather have the touch or the bigger classic ipod for the space.

  2. says

    @Fred I added the capacity/price breakdown above.

    @Ray That was my though. I sorely missed having NBC on there.

    @Portorikan All the iPod updates are great for people in the market for a new one. iPhone serves all my needs so they just didn’t light my fire. Would definitely go for a Nano if I needed an iPod though.

  3. says

    Yea! Happy about NBC being back on there! Nice updates. Hope the iPhone update speeds backups and syncing. I think it took 20 min last night to back up.

  4. says

    why yes… unfortunately the closest Apple store is 2 hours away in another state. Supposedly they’re building one in Little Rock, but that’s still further than Tulsa. Oh well. I really want a touch now for the Nike+ features. I’ll have to pick between green and orange as my wife will quickly point out I do not need both. I’m so pumped about the NBC additions. Like the prodigal son returning… tonight the “fatted calf” will be downloading a new TV series.

  5. says

    my iTunes is getting the information from my iTunes library to set the Genius feature up. I can’t wait to see how it works.

    I’m pretty geeked about some of the new iPod features, especially the motion sensor.

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