Palin vs. Gibson

I heard part of Sarah Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson today. I had three observations.

1) Palin sounded good. By good I mean confident. No beating around the bush and stuttering like most politicians. I was impressed. She spoke like I’d like a leader to speak.

2) Can we get off this experience track? I don’t know if she’s “experienced” enough to be president right now. I don’t know that about Obama either though. And I don’t know that I want someone who’s “experienced” in the traditional since. I’d rather have someone with a good and reasonable head on their shoulders that can make decisions under fire. The only reason Republicans talk about Obama’s lack of experience is because they don’t like his ideas and beliefs. The only reason Democrats attack Palin’s lack of experience is because they don’t like her ideas and beliefs. That’s what this is really about. So let’s compare ideas, not experience.

3) Great, another potential U.S. leader who can’t pronounce nuclear. It’s not nu-cu-ler. It’s nu-cle-ar. I’m not a person who has hated the “last eight years,” that everyone seems to want to beat on. However, I’m not sure I can take another eight years of leaders who can’t pronounce a word correctly. Come on people.



  1. says

    While pronouncing words would be nice, I was impressed that she rattled off the names of foreign leaders like she just spoke to them. Gosh, I’d have a hard time spelling them. She did a great job. Bush doctrine was a tough one because Gibson really was asking if she agreed with it and thus leading the American people down a road that says look, she wants another 4 more years of Bush. I think she likes and dislikes what the last administration has done. She doesn’t agree with McCain on some issues, specifically ANWAR…and that’s OK!!! If the American people want a VP that is just a yes man or women, then they might as well choose a robot. I like the fact that Palin & McCain may disagree, it gives them more to wrestle with and thus make better decisions….gives the American people the best ideas when tackling the issue on energy and others.

    She’s the real deal, solid, not afraid to take on the establishment and when she thinks something isn’t right, not afraid to speak up…she won’t blink, not for a second!

  2. says

    I agree Gibson really was a giant turd, but I didn’t expect anything else so I didn’t feel the need to talk about it.

    I do like that Palin and McCain don’t agree on everything. I’m weary of yes men (or yes women).

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