Anatomy of a bridal show display

Bridal show setup

Here was our setup from yesterday.

A&D) 32″ x 42″ Posters mounted on foam core. These turned out to be great. They took up space visually without actually taking up much space physically. Highly recommended.

B) Small table with brochures and a 26″ TV. The TV was displaying a slideshow powered by an Apple TV. Side note: The Apple TV is the perfect thing for these shows. It’s small and easy to transport and hooks up easily.

C) A custom built display to hold eight framed prints and the 30″ monitor powered by a MacBook Pro. It was showing off the same slideshow as the TV.

E) Two custom built pedestals with brochures and our blurb books for people to look through. Becca and I would each stand at the podiums and greet people and talk with them.

We also had a table and two chairs in the far corner for people to rest in.

This is our second bridal show here. The first time we bought one booth and it was cramped to say the least. This time we sprang for a double-sized corner booth. It was a lot more money-wise, but was totally worth it for the space. We were able to spread out and display a lot more. We’ll be doing two booths at the next show as well.

The first show we did was a two-day in January. From that show we booked five weddings at the show and another 10 or so afterwards. Yesterday we booked zero at the show. Now we wait to see what the rest of the response is like. I expect it will be really good. We had great feedback from a lot of brides yesterday. Being in September is kind of an odd month, though. Most of the year-end brides have already booked, but it’s too early for a lot of next year’s brides to book. I think this led to a lot of people shopping but not many booking.

Oddly, October of next year is going to be busy. I bet 40% of the brides we saw yesterday were October of next year. Not sure why. If you’re an October 2009 bride, it’s not too early to book now.

There are a lot of great, creative brides out there. We had a blast meeting them all and talking plans for their weddings. The first half of show success is a nice display. The second is how you present yourself. I’ll write a second post about that later.



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