Pray for David

Please pray for my good friend David. He had a motorcycle accident today and has to have surgery on his broken leg. He’ll be down for a few days. Pray for his family as well.



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    We were at a birthday party Saturday when our friends were telling us about their dad who broke his leg the night before while cleaning the swimming pool. I didn’t listen too closely to all the details. As soon as heard words like “detached” and “turned completely around” i grew a little lite headed.
    he was supposed to be in surgery on saturday as well.
    will be praying for David and Evan’s Dad.

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    Wow! Thanks for putting this on your blog. We just got in awhile ago from being with my parents, making arrangements for my grandmother’s funeral. It’s been a crazy couple of weeks to say the least! I’m lying here waiting for a huge file to go through yousendit and thought I’d catch up on blog reading. Thank you so much! The prayers have helped. It’ll be 2 weeks tomorrow since I had surgery. It’ll probably be another 4-5 weeks before I can start walking on my leg. You are a true friend. Thanks again!

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