The doctor is out

In my book, a hospital is one of the worst places on earth to spend any amount of time. I hate being in hospitals. I’ve never had to stay in one for more than about an hour for myself but I’ve been there plenty for Becca and the boys. Hate ’em.

And I don’t think I’m alone. I don’t know anyone who likes being in hospitals.

So what is this obsession we have with tv shows set in hospitals? I think I’m just done with medical-related tv shows. Why do I want to spend time in front of the tv just to get the heebeejeebees (did I spell that right?) thinking about being in the hospital. No thanks. I’m done.

So how about you. Any big Grey’s Anatomy/House/E.R. fans out there? Why?



  1. says

    I am a huge, huge fan of House. I own the DVDs, I wish bible study was not on the same day, but I cope.

    I worked for several years at a doctor’s office – it’s how I paid for most of my college. So I think I’m a little less scared of doctors and hospitals. Justin HATES doctors AND hospitals with firey passion, and he loves House too.

    For us, House isn’t about the hospital stuff. It’s the stories of the people, the relationships, the drama. I *really* enjoy the writing in the episodes too. They give House such great lines! The acting is good, the people are pretty to look at, and it asks a lot of tough questions about morality and society and what’s right and wrong, and in which situation? I like the lines it draws and the questions it makes you ponder.

    But it is just a TV show 😉

  2. becca says

    I love House also. Watching these shows is about the drama, but also the puzzles. What is wrong with this man? Why is his body doing that? Anyway, I like trying to figure out what’s wrong and how to fix it. It’s all a great big interesting puzzle.

  3. says

    Yeah, I’m a HOUSE guy. Like everyone else said, it’s more about the nutball main character than the medical stuff. I actually think it’s kind of a bad doc, since he screws people up more to fix them…

  4. says

    @becca – my husband and his brother almost ALWAYS figure out some part of the “mystery” before they reveal it… meanwhile I’m almost always surprised!!

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