The Great Sushi Experiment: Newly Embedded Edition

Look at me, I finally figured out how to embed Viddler videos in WordPress. So now I give you The Great Sushi Experiment: Newly Embedded Edition.

A little history, a few months ago I decided to try sushi for the first time thanks to the encouragement of a bunch of Twitter friends. So Dave was kind enough to be my sushi sensei and the train wreck ensued.

So, if you’ve never seen it, enjoy on this lazy Saturday.



  1. says

    So, umm, we haven’t filmed episode 2 yet.

    Fuller and Wright’s 3 Ring Living Room featuring the Leap of Death.

    Come watch as two…err…twenty-something, goofball pastors attempt to leap from a 2000 model SofaMart hide-a-bed with NO harnesses and NO net. Deathdefying!

    It should be most entertaining.

  2. says

    I could not have laughed harder. You two cracked me up. I HATE raw fish, but will eat sushi with teriyaki chicken in it, or canned tuna.

    Sushi is Japanese. They are the masters of raw fish, and the rice is sticky rice. Blame them for the Sushi trend.

    Can’t wait for the Leap Of Death.

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