Let’s see how the sausage is made

I was watching the vote in the House of Representatives today on the $700 billion bail out package. What was interesting to me was all the activity after the vote failed. All the activity on the house floor and the deals that had to be going on to try to get the vote swung to the other side.

In this day and age of technology and transparency, would it be possible to have each representative with a live microphone while they are on the house floor? You could watch it all online and have an app where you could choose which people you actually hear. Let’s see all the deals that are really being made to make things happen. Show us how laws are really made. I think if that happened we would never vote any of the current crop of politicians back into office.

Would that be interesting to you?



  1. says

    I think that’s a GREAT idea. Sounds familiar though… what’s that word? Hmm…

    Oh yeah, ACCOUNTABILITY! Wouldn’t THAT be great in our elected officials for a change?

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