The Show – Episode #1

Today we discuss The Show and hate in politics. And can we agree the freeze frame above could be the worst ever.

Today’s links:
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Let me know what you’re passionate about that can change people’s lives better than politics.



  1. Ray Deck III says

    Right on man! Iv’e got 4 comments for you:

    1.) I liked your illustration about kids and video games. So true.

    2.) I like this video system. I’ve never seen it before.

    3.) I’ve become a “twitter evangelist” of sorts too

    4.) I understand your political position of small government. In fact, I would say that I share it, but I’d like to ask the question: what about injustice? There are plenty of places in this country and around the world where “the system” is in-just & the government simply needs to do something. The classic — poverty, abortion, fair trade & human trafficking social justice issues are, in my opinion, places where the government (on behalf of the people) is obligated to protect its citizens from exploitation.

    Love “The Show”, man. I’ll be following along for sure.

  2. says

    hey, that was awesome!

    you asked what we’re passionate about that might change the world.
    I’m passionate about Jesus, and for others to know about Him. There are few other things like being debt free and financially responsible, men/fathers taking responsibility, that fall under that. But time and time again, it is proven that only Jesus can change things at their heart.

    In response to Ray, I too agree with “less is more” when it comes to government. And they do have responsibilities to protect and defend the citizens. But we as Christians have a greater responsibility to do that as individuals instead of waiting for the government. When the people take it upon themselves to make the change is when the change will occur. These elected officials are supposed to represent what we stand for. But they seem to have a distorted view of what we stand for. What if we were to send a stronger message with our voices AND our actions? Would they be able to, or even forced to, represent us better?

  3. says

    @Ray There are, of course, some things the government needs to take care of. But it should be a fairly short list. I’ll give you things like human trafficking. That’s a law enforcement issue and the government should step in. But things like poverty and abortion. That’s on us. I’d rather see private organizations taking care of the poor than the government. This comes from my belief that we can do it better and less wastefully than the government.

    Thanks for watching. If you do any video, Viddler looks to be really great. I can record it directly to the web for things like this that I’ll do no editing on. Plus it allows custom branding which I’ve now added to mine. Very cool.

    @nate Agreed. So many people use government as a functional savior. Something they can look to to have their needs met, but that thing doesn’t exist here on earth. People always seem to put their faith in something because they know deep down they need to have faith in something. I just feel bad for those that put it in the government.

  4. says

    I completely agree with you about smaller government, and especially about how abortion & poverty should be privatized. In my mind, it’s the *churches* job to reach out to people hurting and in need of help. I read something a while back about how many laws our elected officials draft and try to pass every year – I can’t remember the exact quote, but it was amazingly ridiculous. We don’t need more laws, we need enforcement of the ones we have. Immigration wouldn’t be such a huge deal if we would utilize the laws we already have set up and enforce those. If we had people checking businesses for illegal workers, etc. We can add in some ways that people can stay, conditions to meet, but those would have to be accompanied by strict enforcement and zero tolerance. Right now we have neither.

    I’m libertarian – less government, more accountability on the individual level. For that matter I’m against the bailout – I realize what that means if we don’t get it, but honestly I think we need it. People have got to start taking personal responsibility. Companies too.

    On a more cheerful note, you asked what we’re passionate about that can change the world. I’m a BIG fan of doing small things to influence people individually – because they go influence others and it spreads. I’m passionate about baking. I know that I can bake some cookies, or bring some fresh bread to someone, and I can connect with that person on a level that I wouldn’t be able to if I just walked up to them and struck up a conversation. Not because my cookies are magical (although my husband swears they are) but because I took time and effort to do something for someone else, and they recognize that. It’s a small gesture that a lot of times means something to them.

    It doesn’t take much for the world to change – it just takes a lot of people acting out love and friendship instead of just talking about it.

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