Just quit

I was at our bank a few weeks ago waiting in line. An employee walked out, obviously upset. He then proceeded to cuss under his breath about the customers and a fellow employee and then ask for the next customer he could help.

Most people didn’t hear him, but I did. If you are so unhappy about your job that you’ll cuss about customers in front of customers you don’t need to be there. You aren’t doing anyone any favors. Just quit. Find something you love and do it. Everyone will be happier if you do.



  1. says

    Something similar happened last night. This was while my daughter was getting her ct scan of her head. Another hospital worker was “going off” about his job while standing next to the computer ct scan tech as he was doing images and measurements of my daughters brain. Made me nervous and very upset. Not only can it create unhappiness in businesses for all, but also can be unsafe and/or cause errors.

  2. says

    Agreed. I hate it when people are more concerned with how much they hate their job than they are with actually doing it. Especially in a case like that where him doing his job could directly effect the health of your family.

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