The Show – Episode #3

Today we discuss my financial plan for paying off my small debt and telling your story.

Today’s links:
Follow me on Twitter. Let’s talk.
In honor of today’s debates, I give you Palin Bingo.

Tell me your story. Why are you so passionate about your business/blog/church/anything?



  1. says

    Chad! My girlfriend was sitting on the couch on the other side of the room while I was watching the first part of this vid. She bust out laughing, then looked over at me and says, “Wow. Sad fact is that’s true. Who is that guy?” Looks like you’ll have another follower.

    Keep it up, brother.

  2. says

    the idea sounds great, as long as you call it a “rescue plan” rather than a “balance transfer.”
    funny you were talking about debt today.
    wow…my story. i think you captured it by saying “it’s long and complicated.”
    the very short and simple of it:
    i was scared of my future. i got convicted of my financial irresponsibility. i made a decision to start taking responsibility by first eliminating my debt. i wanted to share the journey step by step with people to encourage others who were in the same place as me, to provide myself with some accountability, and to provide useful information.

    the long and complicated? i write bits and pieces of it each day.

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