A FAIL, WIN kind of day

So today Congress passed the massive economic bailout, I mean “relief package.” I consider that to be a massive economic FAIL.

However, on the exact same day, my buddy Nate is completely out of debt. And that’s a huge WIN! Anyone who is in debt and feels like you’ll never get out should spend a few hours reading his blog. Great stuff.

Good job buddy. The government could learn a little something from you.



  1. says

    Thanks for the nomination! I’ll think about it. I think most of the “best” people to run for congress realize they can do a lot more good outside of government. Still, we definitely need some better representation.

    If Ed Stetzer runs for president, I’ll run for congress

  2. says

    I’ve always been curious what it would look like if normal people ran for office. Or perhaps if people might *be* normal before they run but then greed gets ahold of them and they become the soulless zombies we now know as politicians.

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