The Show – Episode #5

Sorry for the end of today’s episode being cut off. Sticking with the no-editing motif, I’m not fixing because I’m swamped today and really didn’t want to rerecord the whole show.

Today we discuss my post-bailout plans and why McCain seems to be slipping.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. says

    Dude . . . so no “Golden House of Money”? I mean, I figured I could be your agent on that, make a few million, gas up the G4 and we could all head out to Fiji for a blissful week of counting $100 bills.

    I suppose if we get in a bind we could just print our own cash. It’s obviously not illegal. Our government does it by the millions. 700 of them at a time. And to think I just bid on a “golden goose” on ebay. Guess I won’t be sniping those money tree seeds, or the bridge to nowhere that I wanted to win, either.

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