The Show – Episode #7

The first thing I want you to do if you have time is watch this video from

His video is what we’ll be discussing today.

So let me know what you think. What’s the future of print? How can we make money in this space in new and innovative ways?

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    what i think will happen is print in the form of news and advertisement will virtually disappear. What we’ll then see is a resurgence of it in the form of specialty items, collectors items, photography. People will always want the “real thing” when it comes to those special items, keep sakes, decorations.

  2. says

    @clayton Thanks.

    @nate I think you’re right. I think there will always be a place for print that is exactly like you describe. I’m on a quest to earn back some respect for print. I think we can all make it great again.

  3. says

    Let’s just take local examples . . .

    The Statesman? For sale.
    KXAN? Off-air.
    88.7? Begging for donations.

    Heck, even you don’t have cable. You have AppleTV so you can skip ads! Gary is on the money in regards to ROI.

    As for print? Ehhhh . . . Who am I to say? But you asked for my opinion. I think it’s an enormous business drinking dry allocated marketing budgets just to stay afloat. It’s been the premise for decades. I won’t name names, but let’s take one local Austin magazine that charges $7k/full-page ad. $7k! And the writing is horrid. I know. I used to write for them. I’ve never seen a single ad in that publication that compelled me to visit a website/store/service, etc… But ONE person I follow on Twitter can say something positive about a website/store/service and I will check it out. Just ONE person. The power of social media will antiquate traditional forms of advertising.

    Can’t wait for next week’s show! I hate facebook with a passion. For those of us that adopted early, we left early. Facebook is over once I left. At least to ME, it is. And that’s all that matters to me. Granted, I’m just ONE person. But that ONE person can have the power within social media. Facebook is dead. And now I will say the same on Twitter.

  4. says

    Totally agree about the ad rates being incredibly insane. That’s why I want to see people producing real quality and making money in print in new ways.

    I’m tired of the same old model. I have several clients that spend too much on bad print advertising. I keep pushing the web but it isn’t clicking yet.

  5. says

    Why would someone create a boutique print publication when it’s so much more affordable to do an online offering? You can also build a community online which is not possible with print. In print my audience is limited to my ability to distribute my publication.

    If there is any hope for print I think you are right it’s more than likely in small boutique publications.

  6. says

    Ideally you would create a boutique print publication and combine it with a great online community presence. I’m actually working on something exactly like that. There is a segment that loves printed publications.

    The entire reason for creating a boutique publication is to make something great that people will love, and make a little money along the way.

  7. says

    for the sake of full disclosure i am a printer although not doing any kind of publication work. i tend to slightly disagree with some of the comments about print and it’s benefits as far as marketing is concerned. this may sound stupid but social media takes effort, let me explain a little further, just because i am in front of a computer all day does not mean i am going to use anything but my email and some standard applications. just because i own an iphone doesn’t mean i am going to login to facebook or twitter or even google reader for that matter, yet print media is very simple whether i am at a barber or my dentist or even sitting in my office having lunch i always pickup the magazines and just start browsing, no login, no password, just a gesture of the finger. secondly i believe that print is like push mail it’s just there, no action required, i may not be searching for anything but i just see new services all the time. for example i have never once searched for landscaping services in my city, never even crossed my mind but sitting at the barbers just 2 days ago i saw an ad in the local paper and signed up for the service, now we could go into the merits of needed and unneeded services but the fact of the matter is, that company just made some money. sorry for the rant i’ll wrap it up here. i guess social media is great but only after the snow ball has already started moving down the hill, i find that as a non-tech related business you will need that initial boost using traditional media to at least get people aware that you exist.
    side note: from what i understand gary vaynerchuks show got the biggest jump only after traditional media started talking about him and honestly i don’t think there’s many gary vaynerchuks around

  8. says

    @ali I think there *are* still benefits to the print world. I just think they are slowly dying off because of how the print managers are handling things.

    Prices on print advertising have consistently risen despite the fact that the readership is shrinking. I think if most publications cut their rates by about 30% they would add another decade to their life and bring prices back in line with their actual readership.

    You just can’t charge more and more despite producing less and less quality.

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