What a year it’s been

October 18th marks exactly one year living in Austin. And what a year it’s been.

In no particular order we’ve:

Had one of our biggest clients close down.
Had the same client reopen and rehire us.
Had one surgery and two expensive trips to the ER.
Created WeTheChurch.org.
Become a huge fan of Twitter.
Signed Becca up and actually found she likes Twitter too.
Completely reorganized our roles at church.
Seen some growth at church that can only be described as perfect.
Learned our way around Austin quite well.
Tried a ton of great restaurants.
Really enjoyed life here.
Officially launched the wedding photography side of the business.

I was telling my mom yesterday that I could see us living in Austin for the rest of our lives. I know things can change and we are young, but I really do love it here. It’s the perfect combination of everything for our lives right now.

I can’t wait to see what God has for us in our second year here.



  1. says

    @maczter Love it here. Let’s have lunch one day.

    @clayon Thanks

    @jennet We’re really glad you guys found us.

    @jim Can’t believe I forgot about that. 🙂 Now you just need to move here.

  2. says

    it is amazing what can happen in one year. it’s been fun to see your life through twitter.
    you forgot to add
    -had an epic battle with a to-do list monster

    …then again, that is a daily thing

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