Campaigning, Twitter-style

There has been a little talk today on Twitter about making campaigns better. My original question was what would it look like if politicians weren’t allowed to run ads of any kind? What if they simply had to campaign their butts off?

How different would the landscape look? How much would people’s opinions of politics change?

Then Jeff had the bright idea that they all have to campaign Twitter-style. 140 characters or less. No speech can be longer. No blog post can be longer. All 140 characters or less. I am all for it.

And in the spirit of reforming campaigns, something I wrote earlier.

So how would you feel if campaigns had to go to a no-traditional-ads route?



  1. says

    One might argue that they already do. Just trying to get their point in 10 words or less, a sound bite. But, if they had to ditch all other media, it could bring back giving your speech from the back of a train or bus. And since there are so many stops to make, it would make the speeches have to be shorter. The Gettysburg Address only had 256 words (not characters) and it is one of the most powerful speeches.

    So, bring on the shorter stump speech, it might make the candidates (or their writers) think a bit harder about their words.

  2. says

    Good point about them already talking for sound bites.

    I’d be curious to see how the politicians would do if they only thing they could do is meet people. I’d love the idea of getting back to speeches from the back of the train. That would be great.

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