And the most disgusting thing about the election

Sorry for splitting up all the posts. Just writing things as they come to me.

I have to say the most stomach-turning part of this election has been the bright light that’s been shined on our reliance on government. People in huge droves are looking towards the government to basically provide for them. What happened to the work ethic of this country? What happened to the people willing to bust their butts to make a living for their family and build a legacy? When did we become this lazy?

I don’t think it’s Obama’s or McCain’s fault. I think it’s our fault. The most disgusting thing I’ve heard in the last two years was the woman at an Obama rally saying if she supported him, he’d support her. He’d pay her mortgage and put gas in her car. Are you kidding me? And it’s coming from both sides.

This isn’t an anti-Obama post. It’s and anti-laziness post. When will we stand up and take responsibility for ourselves?



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    I am amazed at the response of some people tonight when it became apparent Obama was going to win. That letter from Dobson a few days ago is now being lived about by people in that fear-lobe I was talking about.

    If God is not sovereign and cannot protect us from the evil of whatever a president may do, we are in serious serious trouble!

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    I was playing a vocabulary game with the kid I’m mentoring and his first clue phrase was “This is something you do when you grow up.” He immediately blurted out “Be lazy!” I may have more work ahead of me than originally thought…but I’m OK with that.

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