An open letter to President Barack Obama

Dear President Barack Obama,

Let me start by saying I didn’t vote for you. But I do congratulate you on your victory.

I don’t agree with most of the positions you take and that probably won’t change. I will not only disagree with you, but I will argue for my side strongly. But I promise to I will try to always do so respectfully. You have won the highest office in this country, and like the presidents before you, it commands a great deal of respect.

I will pray for you and your family daily. Not that you would do things my way but that you would be able to find joy where you are. Politics can be draining and straining on a family. I pray your marriage would be stronger now than ever and that your kids would feel they are the most important thing in your life.

Whether I agree with you or not, you are my president. I pray you would be one of the great ones.

Chad Wright



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