Why Christians should be very excited about the election results

Statistically, a majority of Christians vote Republican. So it’s probably safe to say a majority of Christians aren’t overly happy with the results of the latest election.

I’m personally not all worked up about it and really don’t think you should be either.

All that aside, here’s something that should excite you about it. President Obama won on a campaign based on hope and change. People followed him and proudly voted for him because he offered hope and change. We are wired deep down to know that our lives are flawed. We know something is missing.

Without Christ, my life was empty of real hope and real change. The election shows people are still hungry for those things. I think looking to the government for that hope and change will ultimately lead to disappointment. No matter what President Obama does, he is a human working in a man-made system. This means at some point he’ll disappoint.

This is our chance to spread real hope and real change. Not by beating people in the head with it but by loving them. Live your life in a way that shows you are changed. Not perfect. Just changed.

I’ll say it. Seeing Obama win gave me hope. It showed that the message of hope and change Christ brings will grab people and motivate them. We just need to do our part.



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    Well said. I think you hit the nail on the head. I was explaining the same thing to a friend yesterday who was VERY upset about the outcome… I think having this perspective is important.

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    you make a very good point.
    i too was not distraught over the outcome. deep down (ok, ok, up top) i was pretty sure who was going to win, and not being a McCainite or an Obamian, I did not have to worry about “my party” winning.
    I know God can work through this. And we as Christians have 3 possible routes, the way I see it.
    1) we can keep living the way we’ve been living (boring)
    2) like you pointed out, we can take advantage of this opportunity and show people where the real hope lies
    3) if it really gets as bad as some think it will (and i don’t) then, hey, countries where Christians are persecuted are the ones who experience the most growth in numbers and in quality of Christians

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