Shoot the rings

Here’s another in a series of posts I do about how I work as a photographer.

Some of my favorite things to shoot at weddings are the rings. I try to take time out to make really special ring shots. If you’re not careful they can become pretty run-of-the-mill. I know the rings look pretty on the flowers. I do it a lot too. I’m just saying try something different. I always try to contrast the beautiful metal rings with wood if I can. It makes for a nice comparison.

The shots below are the same rings on the same post, all shot at different angles and with different settings. The settings are listed below each picture.

The Rings
31mm :: 1/1000 :: f/2.8 :: ISO100
On this one I wanted the sun to play a bigger role than the ring itself. I let a lot of light in.

The Rings
55mm :: 1/500 :: f/2.8 :: ISO100
I wanted the ring to be the focus here with the light still playing a big role. I zoomed in a lot so the sun wasn’t hitting the lens directly. I had to change the exposure to 1/500 to let a little more light in.

The Rings
30mm :: 1/80 :: f/13 :: ISO100
I wanted the light coming through the ring here. I just lowered my angle and also cranked down the aperture to f/13 so the sun wouldn’t completely blow the sky out. Because of that I had to change the exposure to 1/80.

The Rings
55mm :: 1/100 :: f/2.8 :: ISO100
Here I really wanted to contrast the beautiful rings with the weathered wood. I just changed the angle to the top side and moved around to the other side so my shadow covered it completely. I set it back to f/2.8 so it would have nice, shallow depth-of-field.


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