Life is good

A strong breeze blows through the neighborhood. It can’t really be called a “winter” breeze. It doesn’t bring with it any kind of chill on this 66 degree day.

The sun warms my face as I see Becca pull into the drive way. No sooner has she stopped than the door flies open and Conner explodes out the opening. His energy is palpable as he begins to describe to me the saga of the sticky candy cane clutched in his right hand. His excitement forces his words together in an almost unintelligible blur. The content of his story isn’t so important as the passion he puts into it.

And then he is gone. His arms pump hard as he runs down the street to tell the same story to his big brother.

I stand there on the side walk, watching him go.

As my son gets smaller in the distance, I realize how good life is. My family is healthy. My boys are growing. The sun melts away my stress and the breeze fills me with new energy. It may only be for a moment, but in that moment my cares are gone. The stresses of work disappear and are replaced with the love I have for my family.

I know that no matter what, life is good.



  1. says

    As a blogger, journalist, etc. I must say that I really enjoyed your thoughts. I can see you son as he is charging down the street. I can also relate to your feelings. I have four, the youngest now is 18. The oldest has four, his oldest is 12 and the youngest is less than a year. Even with all the tough times and circumstances we as a family have been through I will ever and always be able to state that: Life is Good! Indeed!

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