I hit delete


After yesterday’s post, I decided today the inbox would hit zero. With much deleting and a little sorting I went from around 2,000 emails last week down to zero.

It was surprisingly easy. You’d be shocked how many of those emails were completely useless. If I can do it in a day, you can too. I have a system set up, so now there is no reason it can’t stay that way. I’ll report back in exactly a month and we’ll see how it goes.

When you get your email box to zero, leave a comment for us.



  1. says

    Congratulations! I plan to implement the system tomorrow or at the latest, over the weekend. I’m a digital pack-rat and wish to be no longer. Last weekend I cleaned about 40GB off of 2 of my notebooks. Soon, I’ll upgrade to Leopard on my MBP and power mac. Deleting files left and right, archiving to DVD and all sorts of other craziness are on the horizon. Gotta get all ready for the business and my sanity. Way to go Chad!

  2. says

    I just zeroed my inbox – DELETED so much stuff – moved some more stuff to a catch all and am going through it now…started with over 4000 messages…between filing and delteing I’m down to 1548 messages in my catch all…still deleting but a lot of these I need to keep or can’t convince myself to junk them :)…

    I’m qb_baron on twitter.

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