Nice job, Congress

It appears after a year of hard work and pleasing, well, no one, Congress has deemed itself worthy of a raise.


What’s wrong with this picture? Several things, actually.

One, who gets to decide on their own pay raises? That just doesn’t seem right.

Two, if your job performance rating ever dips to 14%, I don’t think a raise is in the cards that year.

And three, Congress doesn’t actually have to vote themselves a raise. It just happens automatically. They have to vote to stop the raise. This is why it always makes me laugh to see Congress lecturing businesses on not being wise with money.

I’ve decided I will never vote for an incumbent in a congressional race again. Eventually maybe we’ll get someone in there who has some modicum of common sense. I’m increasingly reminded that all things man made, even our great system of government, are prone to massive errors.



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    Doesn’t that just tick you off?! The nerve of them! …especially after a number of them have been out talking about how CEOs make too much money and shouldn’t get private jets. Here we are with a record deficit and yet they’re going to add to it by giving themselves raises!

    I’m with you on not voting to reelect anyone who voted for this.

  2. says

    I think these people ought to have to work for free, and go out and get a real job like so many smalltown mayors are forced to do. Maybe then they’d have a real sense of what’s going on in our country.

    Lord, please save us from ourselves.


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