Respecting money

2009 is the year we really focus on our debt. Short of a miracle, we won’t be out of debt by the end of the year, but my goal this year is to pay off enough where we set up 2010 as the year we are completely out of debt.

One of the things we’re doing to help is to place more value on every dollar. It’s pretty easy to ignore the little things you buy at $4 or $5 each. But those add up fast. We’ll be taking a look at every dollar we spend. That doesn’t mean we’ll stop buying things like entertainment, just that we’ll cut back on everything where we can and make sure we are getting the best value for every dollar that comes in.

It also means we’ll be thankful for every dollar that comes in. Every day I ask God to provide for us and to send us the business we need. But honestly, I don’t thank him every day. Despite the fact that the bills are always paid, I don’t take time to say thank you for every dollar. Oh, I do for the big projects. I always remember then. But what about the small projects that are just a few hundred dollars? I’m going to be thankful for every dollar that comes in this year.

What are you doing to work on your debt?



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    Sweet. Nat and I are hoping to be out of debt by the end of this year. Looking forward to that very much. Then we plan on doing the rest of that whole Dave Ramsey thing and save a lot. At some point, we’d like to get a house soon thereafter so I guess we’ll be in debt again but it will be the only thing and we hope to have a good down payment amount for that to help out.

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    The one thing I’d suggest when it comes to the house is to start small. On our first house we started with a tiny, cheap house and paid it down a lot. We sold it for a profit and then did the same thing with our next, slightly nicer house.

    We’re on our third house now, and we were able to put a lot of money down. Now we have a really nice, new house that will probably meet our needs for decades to come and we already have a ton of equity in it.

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    We’ve been Dave Ramsey-ing for two years and it’s been amazing. All but one car is paid off and we hope to have it done really soon. We even opened our photography business last year and have operated it 100% debt free. We feel peace like we’ve never felt before and have cancelled out one of the highest causes of marital problems – money.

    To kill our debt we’ve cut back and have actually gotten used to it so much that we are saving more than we planned to. We’re going to continue that and find new ways to do so. Now that the photog business is self-sustaining the money we were putting into that will now go towards our car.

    It’s awesome. Thanks Dave!

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    excited for you bro! you know i ended my 7 year relationship with debt last year.
    consider the fast and furious route. it’s pretty exciting.
    however you get there, it will be a good place to be!
    we’re starting our 3rd month of being debt free and approaching 6k in savings


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