Not cutting back on some things

While we are working hard on getting out of debt this year, there are some important things we aren’t cutting back on.

One is the money we give to the church and others. A long time ago we learned important lessons about being generous. Even in lean times, we won’t cut back our giving. It’s too important. It enriches our lives and helps transform the lives of others. The church is usually the first thing people cut back on when times get tough. We’re just not wired that way. You either believe God provides for you or you don’t really trust him to do it. We believe he provides.

The other is tipping. If we can’t afford to give a huge tip, we just won’t eat out. Even when we get bad service, our server gets a generous tip. Everyone has bad days. I never know if I’ll meet that person again. If I do though, and I give crappy tips, that’s what I’ll be remembered for and I’ve officially killed any chance to speak into their lives.



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    I totally agree! Jill and I are the same way. Giving is a joy and blessing (probably more to us than the recipient). At restaurants, we do 20% or more. It seems like a lot, but there can be “ministry” in it.

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    Great post! I think that its important that we’re always generous people… even when things are tight.

    I love that you said “If we can’t afford to give a huge tip, we just won’t eat out”… as a former waiter I can very much appreciate that!

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    some excellent points. we’re so blessed to be able to give to churches and charities. mark driscoll’s messages on generosity do a great job on capturing this idea – even in hard economic times.
    i never thought about that aspect on the tipping, but that is something i will implement in my life

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    Getting out of debt is a challenge, but well worth the reward. After a friend gave Joy and I that book by Dave Ramsey several years ago, we got fired up. In 19 months, we paid off over $50,000 of credit card and personal/business debt, and now, we’re completely debt free except for our home.

    Even this morning, I suggested that we drive down to Jacksonville and do some things w/ the kids, and Joy (my wife) immediately knew where we “were” because of our budget, envelope system, etc., and we could plan what we could (and could not) do.

    I hope it comes quickly for ya – and yes, don’t hold back on the giving. There’s a scripture in Proverbs, I believe, about being generous, versus withholding more than we should, etc .. well, plenty of’em.

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